This test will test to see if your Joystick is present or not. Type debug from the DOS prompt once at the "-". Type i201 If you get a FF response attempt hold one of the main buttons on your joystick, and while holding the button down type i201 and see if a different response is given, each button on the joystick should return a different response. However, some special joysticks, such as the Microsoft Sidewinder, which has more than 4-5 buttons, may not return a response for all extra buttons because these buttons are generally controlled through software. If a FF is still given on each of the buttons on the game paddle or joystick, it is a good possibility that either the Joystick and or the Joystick port is bad. If possible, attempt these steps with another known working joystick. However, if you are receiving different responses when pressing and holding the keys on the joystick, the computer hardware is working properly. Type q and press enter to quit out of debug.