Erasing Sector 2
Before doing the below routine ensure that you have read our disclaimer and that you're sure that this is safe to do on your hard drive. Some computer hard drive manufacturers may void your warranty if this routine is ran or in some situations this can cause damage to the hard drive. This routine is useful in clearing DDO and unknown partitions. If this routine completes successfully it will erase everything in Sector 2. In the below debug routine, only type what is in bold from line 3 to 9, you will get a response if typed in properly. If you get a response continue to type the bold text as shown below in the below example.
-FCS:200 400 0
-xxxx:0100 mov ax,302
-xxxx:0103 mov bx,200
-xxxx:0106 mov cx,2
-xxxx:0109 mov dx, 80
-xxxx:010a int 13
-xxxx:010c int 20
-xxxx:0110 (without typing anythiing)
Program terminated normally.