You can easily change the orkut style using Firefox in two different ways, for both methods you have to install the Firefox add-ons and then install the script created to change style

First Method: I've already made a post on this method click hear or hear to see it

Second Method: This method also need Firefox 1.5 or above, Install the Firefox if you don't have and fall ow the instructions below

> Install the Stylish Firefox add-on from this page ( Click hear )

> Install the add-on. Once the add-on is install, restart Firefox so the add-on is activated

> Now you can find stylish icon in status bar of your browser, then go to

> click on Stylish icon and select "Find Styles for this page"

> Now you will get different styles to change look of your orkut

> Select the style you want and click "load into style" to install the style in orkut

thats it you have done it

want to see an example, click to enlarge

this is my homepage styled like office 2007, I took this script from this page

Easy links for more scripts visit this page