Still using same old orkut skin, convert u'r orkut skin easily


1. You need Mozilla Firefox browser with Greasemonkey extention.
2. You can install these skins ONLY ON Mozilla Firefox v 1.x or later.


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2. Please visit our forum for detailed instructions on how to install Greasemonkey and User scripts.

Installing a skin:
3. For Installing the script, Open this page in Mozilla Firefox.
4. Right click on the 'INSTALL' link beside each trick and select 'Install this User script' OR 'View User script'.
5. Click INSTALL button which appear on the top right corner of the page.

Uninstalling a skin:
6. For Uninstalling the user script, go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts.
7. Select the script you want to uninstall and click UNINSTALL at the bottom.

Skins Links to Install:
Red Orkut
Preto II
Pret Orkut
Roxo II
Green Orkut
Azul Claro
Rosa Claro
Silver Orkut
Anti Boss
Sky Blue
Aqua Mirane
Light Blue

All this Skins are taken from Orkutrix
Thanks to Orkutrix