Snap Shots Add-On for Firefox brings the usefulness of the enhanced Snap Shots to ALL websites, not just the ones that have our code.

We've profiled a large group of the most popular sites that you use every day, including Google, Yahoo!, MySpace, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc., so that ALL shots work on these sites. Here are Snap Shots on Yahoo!:

For sites that aren't on our profile list (and we're adding new ones all the time), you can still get our enhanced shots:

* So, when you mouse over a video link on any site, you get an inline video.
* And when you want to check out a MySpace profile link from any site, you'll see who they are and what they look like.
* Scroll through a blogroll on any blog and you get RSS Shots of each of the RSS-enabled blogs.
* However, links to standard web content generally will not receive Snap Shots.

Currently, Snap Shots Add-On is only available for Firefox (Mac and Windows). We are working on an Internet Explorer version which will be released soon.

To download Snap Shots Add-On and take Snap Shots with you wherever you surf, please click here. And if you like Snap Shots Add-On, please be sure to Digg it!

Download Snapshots Firefox addon here


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