AccessDiver is a security tester for WEB sites. It incorporates a set of powerful features which help you find and organize failures and weaknesses from your web site. Here is a quick list of the features available

>Contains fast security that uses up to 100 bots to do its analysis.
>Detects directory failures by comparing hundreds of known problems to your site.
>AccessDiver is fully proxy compliant and has a proxy analyzer (speed / anonymity) and a proxy hunter built-in.
>A built-in word leecher helps you increase the size of your dictionaries to expand and reinforce your analysis.
>A powerful task automizer manages your jobs transparently. You can tackle unlrelated tasks while Accessdiver is working, saving you time.
>An on-the-fly word manipulator lets you increase the strength of your dictionaries easily when doing your analyzis.
>A PING tester is included to tell you the efficiency of your site and the efficiency of an Internet address you would like to access.
>A DNS resolver lets you look up the host name of an IP address and reverse the process to learn an unknown host name.
>A feature called 'HTTP debugger' helps your understanding of how actual HTTP protocol works. It opens up the process so you see what really happens during a connection problem.
>A WHOIS gadget lets you retrieve owner information of a domain name (in case you would like to buy the domain or contact the actual owner).
>An update notifier automatically tells you when a new version of AccessDiver is available.
>And I welcome you to discover the other extremely features by yourself... :)
>A leeching system allows you to collect new proxies to make better proxy lists
>n A proxy Hunting system allows you to get even more proxies by scanning IP regions...
>A file splitting and file merging system allows you to mixup files, or cut them in mutiple parts. That's good to handle wordlists or proxylists.


A PC compatible machine
Windows 9x,Me,2000,XP,2003
7 MB of space on your disk
192 MB of memory (RAM)
Pentium 200 or higher
Screen resolution : 800x600

[Download from here]

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  1. MEYYA // July 19, 2007 at 10:10 PM  

    hi venketesh , i saw a link here as [Download from here]
    if click here the file downloads from some other url ?????can u tell me how to include this feature in my blog?

  2. Venkatesh Vedha Kumar // July 19, 2007 at 11:47 PM  

    Its just a hyper link of the download page

  3. Anonymous // July 19, 2007 at 11:50 PM  

    Its just a hyper link of the download page