Optimizer XP is a freeware optimizer program which is far better than some kinds of shareware optimizer program. It will optimize your system and internet connection for better performance. It’s a real life-saver for slow PCs for both system and internet connection. Using this tool, your system and internet connection will become faster and more reliable if you’re facing stability problems with your machine. However, it’s highly recommended to use this program on machine that is facing performance and stability problems because you wouldn’t see any significant improvements on fine machine. If your’re having problems with PC and want to make it better, get Optimizer


Version 3.5XG:

-Added “Safe Optimization” option

-Removed Swapfile optimization (Useless)

-Fixed Media Folders icons problems

Version 3.5MX:

-More internet optimization data

-Reconstructing entire data

Version 3.51:

-Icon color on Windows XP fix (part 2 - wrong version)

-Fix communication ports in Windows NT platforms (too high value)

-Disk write behind cache problems (wrong data cause some PC read disk slow)

-8.3 Name in NTFS still use in some machines. Remove it.

Version 3.5:

-Real modem port optimization and only Optimizer XP got it! (Not settings in win.ini)

-Rebuild Internet optimization (For safe)

-Fix dialog (Image problems when use in NT/2000)

-New dialog. Select internet optimization for better internet. It will set IPMTU and DefaultReceiveWindow

-Delete some settings for better stability
1.delete Power down When Shutdown setting (Some PCs can’t use normal shutdown)
2.delete icon cache setting (Can turn low RAM PCs become crash)
3.delete CPU delay time for safe (Some PCs crash)
4.delete CD-ROM setting for safe Default settings I think it be OK (Some PCs can’t use CD-ROM)
5.delete Conservative Swapfile Usage for low RAM PCs

-Fix some settings for more performance
1.Fix Always unload DLL for low RAM PCs
2.Fix eXPerience schemes only for Windows 9x and add up to 26 schemes
3.Fix paging file to fixed size for more performance and stability and set requirement to 400 MB for safe

Version 3.3

-Fix OEM Info remover work better and support Windows NT platforms

-Fix Internet problems. Better works! (Sorry! I set MaxMTU to 576 because I’m ill and blur when set this)

-Fix Direct3D work on Battle Realms and some applications

-Fix icon color in Windows XP

-Force removed disabling autorun (Many user ask for it but what about my software)

Version 3.2

-Fix Media Folders will install to user who logged that time

-Fix VCache settings work better for low memory PC (may reduced performance for 256 MB RAM or higher from previous version)

-Fix RestoreShield swapfile minimum size (default)

-(English Version) Fix runable in Windows NT platforms (NT/2000/XP)

Version 3.1

-Tuneup Internet Optimization

-Fix RestoreShield problems when compares in Windows Me

-Fix GUI bug when display with not exist font “Tahoma”

-Fix Internet Optimization problems (lag, can’t online, disconnect, etc.)

-Fix CPU Priority problems for slow machine

-Fix keyboard language problems when typing some languages

-Remove manufacture in System Properties when use RestoreShield

Version 3.0

-New interface

-Fix some optimization problems

-Add much more optimization data

-Add more eXPerience schemes from eXPerience Pack

-Remove Security tweaks for easier to use (I’ll build new product instead)

-Set only Adminstrators can use this software for Windows NT platforms

-Optimizer XP Help Center

-RestoreShield (Success way to restore default optimization)

-Write script support multi-language work on Windows OS (For Thai Edition)


Product name: Optimizer XP

Product version: 3.5XG

File name: optimizerxp.zip

File size: 562 kb

Include uninstaller: True

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

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Source: Windows X's live