You may have heard about some tweaked drivers such as StarStorm, Omega, Overdrive, etc. Have you ever had problems like this? Current tweaked driver is older than new one. You’re waiting developer to update it but no news from them so you need to put their modded data from old inf file to new one yourself. This won’t be problem anymore with nTweaker!


-Allow user to tweak the current driver with tweaked driver which is faster and safer

-Allow user to tweak driver with driver technology compatibility settings, laptop and mobility driver settings, coolbits, etc.

-Allow user to restore driver settings to default stage

-Support nVIDIA chipset graphic cards (And ATI soon)


Product name: nTweaker

Product version: 2.0

File name: ntweaker.zip

File size: 152 kb

Include uninstaller: False

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003

Download File

Sourcs: Windows X's Live