Google is now competing with popular services like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit by providing the same. Google launched a new iGoogle gadget “What’s Popular”. This simple and easy to use gadget may out smart other service providers in long run.

What does this gadget do?

This gadget helps users to discover many interesting items on the web and allows viewers to pop stories that they find interesting. Based on pop and user activities in a number of Google services like Google reader and YouTube, Google can decide what’s popular and display popped stories on it.

Users have the option to rate items that they like or dislike by clicking the ratings buttons which come with each item. There is no comment option in this gadget but users would like to share there views about pops. I think by adding comment option in this gadget may attract more users and fetch an additional edge to compete.

This new gadget has four tabs namely All, My Pops, My Adds and About.

  • ‘All’ tab shows the most popular stories
  • ‘My Pops’ shows the stories which user have allowed.
  • ‘My Adds’ tab displays URL added by the user.

Click here to add this new iGoogle gadget.

Source: Devils Workshop


  1. Dan // August 26, 2010 at 6:26 AM  

    Hopefully they don't have a 'spam detection system' like what I've experienced on Yahoo Answers, Craigslist, and Reddit - those are three services which might make it looks as if your post went through when it did not, if its detected as spam.

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