Low hard disk space but high speed internet with unlimited transfer, then its not a problem

The table below shows the top 25 online backup companies in the world. Our ranking is based on a number of factors.
Here are some of the major criteria that we strictly followed to come up with these top 25 companies:

* Security
* Software Features
* Software Ease of Use
* Speed
* Reliability
* Uptime
* Quality and Accessibility of Technical Support
* Cost per MB per month

The Top 25 Online Backup Companies for August 2007 are:

1. www.mediamax.com
2. www.mozy.com
3. www.box.net
4. www.carbonite.com
5. www.ibackup.com
6. www.novastor.com
7. www.datadepositbox.com
8. www.evault.com
9. www.intronis.com
10. www.file123.com
11. www.filesanywhere.com
12. www.remote-backup.com
13. www.backup-technology.co.uk
14. www.omnidrive.com
15. www.amerivault.com
16. www.livevault.com
17. www.BeInSync.com
18. www.backupsolutions.com
19. www.quantumrbs.ca
20. www.drivehq.com
21. www.dataprotection.com
22. www.titanize.com
23. www.vaultlogix.com
24. www.sosonlinebackup.com
25. www.bitleap.com



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  2. Anonymous // August 29, 2007 at 12:24 PM  


    Cool list.

    I checked the source page out:


    It is really a site with tons of information for online backup and storage.

    I also read interviews of a few CEO's from the industry.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. david.friend // September 11, 2007 at 9:18 PM  

    Hi, I'm Carbonite's CEO. We really appreciate being included on your list of backup companies. It would be really helpful to us (and probably everyone) to have more visibility into the criteria that you're using. While we're happy to be 4th on your list, we'd like to know what it takes to be first! We think we're first in terms of revenue out of this group.

    Dave Friend, CEO

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    You have missed Perfectbackup who should be in your list. The security measures are the same as used by national banks and you can even restict your restore to IP address making this one of the most secure online backup solutions. You can backup open files, all major databases residing on Windows, Linux, Novel and even Unix. They have over 100GB bandwidth to their 4 data centres and offers 99.999% service availability, thats no more than 3 mins downtime in a year. Support is available 24 x 7 x 365 and they even offer a £1,000,000 data restore gurantee. You can also get a 1GB free for life account. Check them out at http://www.perfectbackup.co.uk

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