This GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut adds a link to RSS feed of current users scrapbook or community posts in top header menu of Orkut!

Look at following screenshots for quick understanding…

Following can be seen whenever you will be navigating any orkut users profile, scrapbook, album, friend-list, etc…

ORKUT RSS Feed for Scrapbook

Similarly following can be seen whenever you will be navigating any community… be its forum, poll, member-list, etc…

ORKUT RSS Feed for Community

Now whenever you will click on above links you will be redirected to relevant RSS fee, which you can add to a RSS Reader like Google Reader. (see following screenshot)

FIREFOX RSS Feed Subscribe Options

If you are good at math then you can realize all you need is one-click to reach any Orkut users scrapbook or community!

Also for advance firefox users, the RSS Link will be integrated into orkut so that you can get RSS indicator in navigation/address bar as shown in following screenshot.

FIREFOX RSS Feed Indicator

The RSS indicator is context sensitive and will automatically point to scrapbook or community RSS depending on which page you are! Clicking on it will again take you to Firefox Feed Subscription page as shown above!

Installation Instructions:

> Install Firefox(If you dont have click on the firefox installation button in side bar)
> Install Grease monkey add-on
> Restart the Firefox
> If you are in Firefox and already installed Grease monkey Add-on, then Click here to install the script!
> Restart Firefox again
> Its Ready to use

Source: Devils Workshop