Before few weeks I've made an post on editing tips for orkut, Now orkut allows more than that

Now you can personalize scraps you send to your friends by using basic HTML code to add color, graphics, images, YouTube videos, Google Gadgets, and more.

If your scrap contains an embed, link, or image, you may need to fill in the word verification box after you click "post scrap."

Orkut just rolling this feature out a few profiles at a time. It may take a few days for you to see the new scrap options in your profile, even though you may have friends who send you rich-content scraps. Orkut can't add this on a per-profile basis, so Orkut appreciate your patience as we debut this new feature.

Customizing scraps with rich content is easy and only requires basic coding knowledge.

Some tips how to do it

* Add images and animations
Copy and paste URLs ending in .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp and the image will appear in the scrap.
for example,

* Add videos from YouTube and Google Video
Copy and paste the URL and the video will appear in the scrap.
for example,

* Add podcast/audio
Copy and paste the URL of an audio file and an audio player will appear in the scrap.
for example,

* Add html-embeddable objects
Create or upload your content at sites such as,, or Copy and paste the html embed code to share it with your friends.

Warning from Orkut:

Keep in mind that you can only add rich content in scraps you send to friends. Before uploading or embedding content, be sure that you have all the necessary legal rights to distribute it, including the rights to any images, voices or music being used. You're responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that govern your use of the content.

Also, scraps containing questionable content or third-party ads may be removed by the orkut team without advanced warning. All content posted on orkut needs to adhere to our Terms of Service.