IncrediMail is an incredible E-mail client software for POP3 mail, It has more futures compared to Outlook and Thunderbird. Let us see some of those futures in IncrediMail

Send beautiful email backgrounds
Add 1000's of fun emoticons to your emails
Enjoy animated email notifiers
See exciting 3D effects in your emails
Add funny animations to your emails
Add cool sounds to your email messages


Enjoy a huge gallery filled with 1000's of emoticons. Place cool emoticons in your email messages.
They'll express your message perfectly!

Email Backgrounds

IncrediMail has 1000's of email backgrounds you can use in your email messages. Simply select your favorite background from our ever-growing collection and make your email incredible.
Everyone receiving your email will be amazed!

Email Notifiers (animated)

Enjoy tons of fun animated characters (Notifiers) - they will appear on your screen to tell you that new mail arrived
so you'll know you've got new mail right away!


Choose from tons of lively animations and add them to your email messages.
Add excitement to your email!

Experience 3D effects

See your messages change into exciting 3D objects like a sailing boat or flying helicopter when sending, receiving and even deleting your email.
You'll feel the thrill every time!

IncrediMail is a Free software with no Spy ware, Bundle Packs, No ad ware and its certificated by Microsoft, CNET, ZD Net....

Download IncrediMail from here or IncrediMail Official Homepage

You will also get these for free

· Amazing animations
· Personal handwritten signatures
· Unique fonts
· Old typewriter typing sounds
· Multimedia attachment preview
· Capturing animations from the web
· Flash window indicating time and email status
· Easy placement of your pictures in emails
· On the fly spellchecker
· Simple exchange of graphical content between users