SoliCall is an innovative software that will help you reduce unwanted noises during your calls. Incoming noisy call from a cell phone? Keyboard ticking? The kids play loudly in the other room and you just don't want the other party to be continuously disturbed by all these noises? SoliCall can help. Using this breakthrough technology together with our proven field experience, SoliCall will dramatically improve the voice quality in your business.

SoliCall, a free and small [700kb] Windows utility that lets you record audio conference calls over any IM client and it also reduces the unwanted background noise during your voice chat thereby improving voice quality.

Once installed, to record your audio chat with Solicall, set the audio settings of your messenger by pointing the Audio In (microphone) and the Audio Out (speakers) to SoliCall Audio Device. This should help you record audio chats on Skype, GTalk, Windows Live, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, or any other VoIP client.

A big advantage of using Solicall is that you can comfortably make business calls from your computer without having to worry about the disrupting background sounds like people talking, sound of the air conditioner fan or even the keyboard ticking sound. Solicall will filter [or atleast reduce] that noise clutter for you.

Quick Tip: If the person on the other side of the audio conference call complains of hearing an echo, try turning down the volume of your microphone.

System Requirements: To run SoliCall together with any VoIP program it is recommended that you use
a computer running at least a 800 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM. Operating System: Windows XP/2000

Integrating SoliCall With VoIP Programs: We have configured SoliCall to work with all major softphones. If you have any problem using it, please inform us at: support_at_solicall_dot_com

Note: This is a 1.18 MB download, and may take some time depending on your Internet connection speed.

Download SoliCall SoftPhone Add-on Here

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