orkutFeed is a service that disponibiliza Feeds RSS for the communities of orkut. It is not necessary to make I register in cadastre! You only need to inform link of community, and to catch link of the Feed.

In order to add your favorite community, simply find the link of the forum in Orkut...

...and copy and paste the link into the space provided below

Next, press ok

...which will bring you to a new screen. If your site feed is already listed via button form (which is to the right of the "big orange square" or the universal symbol for site feeds) then simply click on your preferred button

This is probably a good thing (as it prevents other users from stealing one's content) although the anonymous coder may expand it later on to include full posts.

The great thing about this site is that both Firefox, IE and Opera users can enjoy the full benefits without having to switch over to a different browser.

This Service is provided by Orkut feed, this page is not available in English so use Google Language tool to translate it

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