Hello Orkutters,

Here is a good news for ya. Here's one smart addon that will help you to do all those cool things that you just wanted to do on orkut.

1 - Scrapping in regional languages/Changing the look of your profile/Drawing special character images in scraps/Colour effects in scraps and a wide variety of other tools too - all with a simple firefox addon(all tools at one place! wow! Thanks to Binny Mathew)

The most significant feature of this addon is that it integrates all the features into one simple toolbar that neatly fits to your scrapbook like the microsoft windows tooolbar.Easy to use,minimum clicks and excellent usability. here are the features.

2 - Now you can scrap in a variety of Indian Languages(even those which you don't know) like Tamil, Malayalam,Sanskirt, Oriya,Punjabi,Telugu,Gujarati,Bengali,Kannada etc with ease - just select the scrap text and select the language from the menu - simple as that. No going to other sites or using heavy translators-Thank God(and Binny)!

3 - Change the background of your profile/scrapbook so that your profile stands out from others.This is more like the Myspace layout customization. Really cool and one that all of us was looking forward to.All you need to do is select any picture you like and upload it to an online image storage -like imageshack or photobucket.Copy the direct link url and add it in the options box(From Firefox's Tools>Addons>Options). Simple! So every time somebody visits you profile they see a totally different profile - enough reason for you to be a star among your friends. ;)Selecting a random image will give you a tiled image, but picking a good one that will fit your profile is upto your creativity. ;)

4 - You can also use character messages in the scrap like Heart, Rainbow coloured text etc. Just select the scrapt text and select the appropriate button. The buttons are all arranged well like the microsoft word buttons - anybody would know how to use them.

5 - Secret Scrapping - This is one significant tool where you can private message your friend and only he can read your scrap. Use the "golden key" near the scrap box to get this done.

OrkutScrapper 2.0.4 can only be installed in Firefox 1.5 and above versions.

Step 1: Download the OrkutScrapper 2.0.4 and save it on the desktop.

Step 2: Open the Firefox ( If u dont have Firefox , Download from here)

Step 3: Drag and drop the downloaded (.xpi) file in the firefox window.

Step 4: An installation window will pop-up, just click install.

Step 5: Restart the Firefox by closing and reopening it.


  1. Anonymous // July 24, 2007 at 10:06 AM  

    there is no .xpi file in orkur scraper
    if it is there then where is it
    plz tell me