Mass-ban spammers, and mass-delete spam messages in all your communities with just a single click!
You no more have to visit every community to ban spammers and delete spam messages in them. This script adds the feature to mass/global ban spammers and mass-delete spam messages from your orkut communities.

Below you can see the Screen Shot of member-manage page:

Procedure to install this script:
1. Install Firefox browser (if you do not have already).
2. Install the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox by clicking here.
3. Restart Firefox (after install of Greasemonkey).
4. Right click on the below Greasemonkey script link and select "Save link as" to save it to your disk.

Community Moderation Script

After that, open the saved file in any text-editor like Notepad.
In the code, you will find a declaration as follows:

var communityIds = ['419822','6413141','1027'];

You just have to remove all the ID's there and put your own community ID's in the same manner. Make sure you put them in single quotes and saparate them using commas.

If you do not know what a community ID is, then look at the address bar of your browser when you visit your community, you will find the address as below:

In the above address, the number given at the last (419822) is the community ID.

After you have added the list of communities, just open that script file in Firefox browser, you will get a dialog box to install the script.

Once you have installed that, you will be shown the options buttons as in the above picture for managing members in all the communities that you moderate or own.