This is the first release of a remote administration tool named Flux.
This application allows you to administer a remote computer, capable of bypassing a router or
protected by a firewall.

- FWBP+ (can inject to default browser, msn messenger or up to three specified applications)
- Persistent server (server is hard to remove, it will be rerun when closed,
rewritten when deleted, readded to registry when removed)
- Startup method: Registry run + ActiveX + Flux-special.
- Installs to windows or system directory.
- Up to three specified ports in client can listen for connections.
- Up to three specified IPs can be used for connection
- Up to three specified URLs can be used to connection on
- File manager (uses caches to speed up browsing, supports download resuming)
- Screen capture, uses either jpeg-compression or diff. calculation
to stream users desktop (both included in basic server)
- Cam capture (opt. to save caps)
- Keylogger (opt. to log in background)
- Passwordsniffer (logs all text entered into password/***-boxes)
- Find files
- Task list (can capture a certain window or control)
- Process list
- Show message box
- Execution file from URL
- Connection is encrypted with a 1024-bit key




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