offers different types of ressources for free :

- It makes Windows XP looks like Vista

- Icons to customize Windows XP / Windows Vista (.ico files). These files are automatically recognized by Windows and therefore can be used on a shortcut or a folder with the option « Change Icon » (right click >> properties). You can also use a program like IconTweaker that will let you change your icons quickly and easily.

- PNG icons (.png files). These files can be used with application such as Docks (RK Launcher, RocketDock, ObjectDock...) or widget managers (Samurize, AveDesk...)

- Desktop wallpapers to customize your desktop under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or even on your PSP !

- Skins for apllications such as Firefox, Winamp, Windows Live Messenger...

- Visual Styles that modify the appearance of Windows XP. Before applying a Visual Style you will have to patch your uxtheme.dll (for free) or install StyleXP (not for free).

- 3D animation videos. To play these files you may need a specific software (i.e. QuickTime for .mov files) or video codecs (i.e. DivX).

Download Crystal clear Bricopacks from hear

Download Vista Inspirat Bricopacks from hear

Download bricopacks CrystalXp from here

Download Brico packs Longhorn inspirat from here

Precautions to take :
- First, make sure that the pack is compatible with your system (to check you system’s information, right click on “my computer”, then, click on “proprieties”).
Here is the list of compatible systems :
- Windows XP
- Windows XP SP1
- Windows XP SP2
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP Media Center (SP1, SP2 or without SP)
- Windows XP Tablet Edition
Be careful, this pack isn’t compatible with 64 bit versions (x64) of Windows XP

- You must uninstall other software like Bricopack, ShellPack or CustoPack before the installation of a new Bricopack.
- We don’t guarantee the compatibility of our Bricopack with modified (Gold, Light, LSD…) versions of Windows
- You must have “administrator” rights in Windows XP to install this pack safely.
- If for X reasons your machine not work with the first boot following the installation of the pack, you can restore your system: Put your CD of XP in the reader and launch the restore console. Type "R" at the invites setup. You have the console with prompt "the c:\WINDOWS >", type: "BATCH BricoPackUninst.txt". Type EXIT when the operation finished.


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