Couple of years ago many email users had problems with storage space. Today people are offered mailbox sizes of upto 2.5 GB and in some cases unlimitted. Days when people had 1,2 MB storage limit are over. However, one problem is still exist, when attaching file to an email users are often limited to files not bigger than 10-15 MB. This limit prevents users from sending each other most of the video or other bulky files.

Most of the public video already available for streaming on the video sharing sites like Youtube, hence most of the popular and public files can be accessed easily online. However, sometimes video is private and not meant for public viewing or in some cases user simply needs to have it stored on his/her disk drive.

There are some companies on the web that spotted this hole in the service market and filled it. Yousendit is widely used partially free service that lets users send huge files to anyone by email. To send files below 100 MB in size is free, all user needs to do is;

  • go to
  • provide recipient’s email address
  • attach you file and press send.

Afterwards will

  • download a file from sender’s computer to it’s server
  • send an email to the recipient with the link to the file
  • recipient can download file from

You may also create an account and have proper navigation menu, with options like inbox, sent items, tracking, etc..
Only disadvantage here is time, if the file user trying to send is big it may take a while for yousendit to download the file from user to it’s server. During this time sender has to make sure that the computer stays on and connected to the internet.

There are two types of services available on yousendit, one is lite account which is free and other one is premium account which costs $4.99/month. The difference between these two can be seen in the screenshot below;

This application may be utilised both by individual users and corporate clients.

Yoy Send it