After long time I got some time for orkutting yesterday and noticed that there were more than 100 friend requests pending when I checked my friends page!

Actually they are pending from more than a month and I really want to clean-out! Then I proceeded manually and soon realized steps through which I was going…

1. Selecting ‘EDIT’ link;
2. Clicking on ‘DELETE’ button;
3. Again Hitting ‘YES’ button when confirmation dialog box pops out!

The good thing about this one is its pre configured to delete only pending friend request although it is technically capable of deleting all friends!


1. Install Firefox if you don’t have it! (yes it only works with Firefox)
2. Install Grease monkey extension.
3. Finally Click here to install Orkut Pending Friend Request Deleter Script!

Note: If meanwhile you want script to stop from executing, first thing to do is close that tab/window!

Need more help?? Ask me… preferably via comments ;-)