KLG: Download
Type: Keylogger
A Plus: Download
Type: Keylogger
Curiosity: Download
Type: Keylogger
This keylogger will store all keystrokes in

Elitek3yl0gg3r10: Download
Type: Keylogger
1)No Process Visible in any Task manager,Process explorer(2k,xp,9x)
2)Injects into Explorer.exe on startup and exiting the parent.
3)Firewall bypassing by injecting code into IE and sending mail
4)Invisible Startup, will not show in msconfig,autorun.exe (sysinternals)
5)Automatic Uninstall
6)Protucted Storage ,Cashed Passwords sender
7)No need ur own SMTP server(sending directly) to MX.
8)Remote Installer,Uninstaller
9)Built in Binder makes the keylogger same as the binded EXE(Icon,Version)
0)HTML formatted logs
11)Detect ICQ/MSN/AOL/Yahoo Chats.
12)Logging Window names,All keys typed in that window.
13)EXE Size is 12.7 KB
FKS: Download
Type: Keylogger
Fearless Keyspy v2.0 has a very small (2.5 KB) assembly server,
with a low memory usage.
New features include a "webget" feature, a better GUI and lots of
deeper server and editor improvements
FKWP20: Download
Type: Keylogger
1)logging all keystrokes
2) Download 2 urls cab files and extracting and executing the inside exes (Firewall bypass)
3) Protected storage (Outlook, IE stored passes),Cashed Dialup passes Sender
4) keystrokes ,passes will mail to the email id,daily or the log size is over
5) firewall bypassing by injecting code into IE and sending mail
6) No Process visible ,injects into Explorer.exe on startup and exiting
7) Active Setup Startup
8) EXE size is 11.9 KB
9) encrypted log file
10) File manager for controlling remote system
K3Yl0G3R: Download
Type: Keylogger
For more hacking tools , warez , full appz , ip scanners and tons
of direct illegal downloads at http://www.openpc.co.nr
Key Copy: Download
Type: Keylogger

You use KEYCOPY to keep a record of any keyboard activity on your computer.
This includes usage in Wordperfect 5.0,Multimate,Norton Editor. Keycopy copy's
each keystroke to a buffer within the KEYCOPY program area. When the keycopy
buffer has 200 keystrokes in memory, keycopy will copy the buffer to a file
with a date and time stamp. The file default is c:\keycopy. You can specify
drive,subdirectory and file name by having the parameter file called KC.PRM
in the subdirectory where KEYCOPY is executed from. If you change the KC.PRM
file and want the change to take effect with keycopy. The computer will have
to be rebooted, and Keycopy executed again. Keycopy has been tested and used
with DOS 3.3 and 4.0 and uses less than 3k of memory.

skl01: Download
Type: Keylogger
1)Targetted keylogging(logs only the keys from the specifyed windows)
2)keystrokes will mail to the email id,daily or the log size is over
3)firewall bypassing by injecting code into IE and sending mail
4) Deleting all Cookies at installation.
5) EXE size is 8.5kb
6) we can create the our own keylogger using the editor,we can specify the window titiles (the keys need to log),our email id,smtp server,log size)


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