Hackers Manifest The hackers manifest by the Mentor. Every hacker should know this 1,755 bytes
Diary of a hacker Duh... 13,226 bytes
Hacker Ethics What is A hacker ? 2,777 bytes
Are you a hacker ? See if you fit this description... 784 bytes
How I knew when I was a hacker Another file on being a hacker 2,585 bytes
A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Uebercracker and Becoming an UeberAdmin to stop Uebercrackers A joke, not to be taken seriously (unless you want to go to jail, of course...) 4,035 bytes
Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems File on hackers by a sysop who's sympathetic to hackers 22,914 bytes
Zero Tolerance Book on bad ass mother fuckers in the old days 181,467 bytes
The Hacker Crackdown Good book that describes the hacker crackdown of 1991 275,654 bytes
Ethics Of A True Hacker Recent file written by The Mob Boss about hacking ethics. Nice 2,952 bytes
The Mob Boss's Guide To Hacking Guide for beginner hackers on how to start by The Mob Boss. Read this if you're just starting 12,224 bytes
Psychological Profile Of The Troubled Female Teen Funny file on how to hack girls. Read it for a laugh 5,143 bytes
How To Be A Hacker File that explains the hacker mentality. Nice one 11,834 bytes
Humor Teaches you how to be 31337 15,613 bytes

Hackers Kit Explains UNIX security all round and shows a few basic old bugs. Also has a root kit. This was the file that taught me the basics of hacking UNIX 295,129 bytes
Unix Computer Security Checklist Security holes to look out for when hacking a system 26,429 bytes
Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it Nice (old) paper on common holes 20,827 bytes
Unix : A Hacking Tutorial Well written file on the basics of unix 37,944 bytes
Millenium Hacking A file written to show people what hacking was like at the end of the 20th century. Basic, but good for beginners 368,329 bytes
Unix for Intermediate Users Not so much a hacking file, just explains the basics of unix. 71,758 bytes
Crash Course In X Windows Security Explains the basics of X Windows security 5,449 bytes
Playing with the Internet Daemons Old file explaining bugs in daemons, good for beginner hackers to get an idea about what security holes are 6,467 bytes
Secure UNIX programming FAQ Explains the basics on how to code safely in UNIX 21,211 bytes
NFS Tracing By Passive Network Monitoring Good read if you're interested in NFS 12,368 bytes
Linux Administrators Security Guide THE linux security resource (PDF) 273,688 bytes
Securing and Optimising Red Hat Linux I cannot praise this enough. 475 pages of how to secure your redhat box properly. READ IT!!! (PDF) 2,468,188 bytes
Kernel hacking made easy Short tutorial that provides a nice introduction to kernel system calls 3,796 bytes
Coding with the DNS protocol Short tutorial on coding with DNS 8,740 bytes
Linux Firewalling - Insights and Explainations... Read this and learn a bit about firewalls 5,358 bytes
A Lab engineers check list for writing secure Unix code Paper that explains a few things you can do to code more secure programs in Unix 8,106 bytes

BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer This is a short tutorial that explains what sockets are, how they work, and gives sample code showing how to use them. 486,960 bytes
A brief programming tutorial in C for raw sockets Teaches the basics of using raw sockets in C, to insert any IP protocol based datagram into the network traffic. 7,309 bytes

How To Crack Good file that teaches the basics of cracking 122,376 bytes
The Ancient Art Of Cracking Another excellent file on cracking 68,917 bytes

How to write buffer overflows File that explains how to write buffer overflows 7,195 bytes
Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit Excellent file that explains buffer overflows 15,191 bytes
Exploiting Windows NT 4 Buffer Overruns By far the best file I've found that explains buffer overflows in NT 12,629 bytes
Writing buffer overflow exploits - a tutorial for beginners Short and sweet tutorial 8,916 bytes
Libsafe : Protecting Critical Elements of Stacks Nice whitepaper that explains buffer overflows and what libsafe does (PDF) 177,423 bytes
Buffer Overrun Attacks Explains what buffer overflows are. Good for beginners (PDF) 387,028 bytes
Advanced buffer overflow exploit Shows all the cool sutff you can do once you've found a buffer overflow 9,169 bytes
Compromised - Buffer Overflows, from Intel to SPARC Version 8 Talks about what buffer overflows are, why they work and how to approach them. Again, a good file for beginners 19,141 bytes
w00w00 on Heap Overflows Nice and sweet tutorial on heap-based buffer overflows 13,408 bytes

The unofficial netware Hack FAQ Everything you wanted to know about netware 41,634 bytes

Introduction to denial of service Intro on denial of service attacks 17,459 bytes
Protecting Routing Infrastructures from Denial Of Service Using Cooperative Intrusion Detection Whitepaper that explains a method to combat DoS attacks. Interesting read (PDF) 118,400 bytes

Safe CGI Programming Nice little paper that explains the basics for writing safe CGI code 6,456 bytes

C Programming Nice and sweet C tutorial 200,316 bytes

Modern Hackers Deskreference Reference file with things that every hacker should know. Contians info on WindowsNT security issues, Unix, Linux, Irix, Vax, Router configuration, Frontpage, Wingate and much much more. READ IT 182,301 bytes
Common Insecurities Fail Scrutiny Explains Netbios & Samba bugs and how to exploit them 46,313 bytes
Techniques Adopted By 'System Crackers' When Attempting To Break Into Corporate or Sensitive Private Networks Explains the basics on how to hack a system from a system administrators point of view (VERY basic) 12,027 bytes
The unofficial Web Hack FAQ Nice things to do with the web 54,000 bytes
Simple Active Attack Against TCP This paper describes an active attack against the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) which allows a cracker to redirect the TCP stream through his machine thereby permitting him to bypass the protection offered by such a system as a one-time password [skey] or ticketing authentication [kerberos] 14,302 bytes
Introduction to the Internet Protocols This is an introduction to the Internet networking protocols (TCP/IP). It includes a summary of the facilities available and brief descriptions of the major protocols in the family 30,737 bytes
The Hackers Handbook May be old, by an excellent read nontheless. Read it to understand the basics and a bit of hacker history 127,015 bytes

Practical Automated Detection Of Stealthy Portscans (PDF) Explains how to detect portscans. Although meant for people trying to protect their systems it explains some of the techniques portscanners use to remain undetected. 151,603 bytes
ICMP Usage In Scanning (PDF) Paper that describes what information can be gained from a target network using ICMP. Well written and DEFINATELY worth a read if you're a beginner. 434,372 bytes

The unofficial NT Hack FAQ Basics on NT security 44,622 bytes
Wardoc This document is an attempt by the Rhino9 team to document the methodology and techniques used in an attack on A NT based network. The intent of this document is to educate administrators and security professionals of both the mindset of an attacker and A large set of the current NT penetration techniques. This document attempts to follow in the footsteps of the classic text, "How To Improve The Security Of Your Site by Breaking Into It" by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema. Obviously, this text will not contain all known methods for NT network penetration 28,388 bytes
Understanding Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 This documented was not made for people who have been working with Microsoft Proxy Server since its beta (catapult) days. It is made for individuals who are curious about the product and security professionals that are curious as to what Microsoft Proxy Server has to offer. This document is also being written for individuals have a general idea of what a Proxy Server does, but wants to know more. This paper goes into discussion of Proxy Server Features and Architecture, Access Control, Encryption, and Firewall Strategies (which I have been getting a lot of requests for) 10,971 bytes
Analysis of the Security of Windows NT Interesting paper about Windows NT security (PDF) 417,510 bytes
A *REAL* NT Rootkit, patching the NT Kernel Nice tutorial that explains how to patch NT to do what you want it to do 17,304 bytes

Vax Hacking FAQ The only file that I could find that deals singularly with VAXEN. So it'll have to do. Never used A VAX before, so I can't vouch for this file 21,823 bytes
A Practical Exercise in Securing an OpenVMS System This paper deals with securing VMS. As I've never uses OpenVMS I can't vouch for this one either 32,650 bytes

Aqua Glossary of Computer Security Acronyms 21,415 bytes
Blue Trusted Product Evaluation Questionnaire 18,197 bytes
Brown Guide to Understanding Trusted Facility Management 29,060 bytes
Burgendy A Guide To Understanding Design Documentation 20,543 bytes
Dark Lavender A Guide To Understanding Trusted Distribution in Trusted Systems 17,502 bytes
Green DoD Password Management Guideline 18,690 bytes
Grey TRUSIX Rationale for Selecting Access Control List Features For The Unix System 38,835 bytes
LightBlue A Guide To Understanding I & A 18,101 bytes
Orange DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria 63,911 bytes
Another Orange A Guide To Understanding Configuration Management in Trusted Systems 42,462 bytes
Peach A Guide To Writing the Security Features User's Guide for Trusted Systems 16,576 bytes
Pink Rating Maintenance Phase Program 26,257 bytes
Purple Guidelines for Formal Verification Systems 17,667 bytes
Red Trusted Network Interpretation 246,679 bytes
Another Red Trusted Network Interpretation Environments Guideline 37,272 bytes
Venice Blue Computer Security Subsystems 18,251 bytes
Yellow Guide For Applying the DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria In Specific Enviroments

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