If you are one of those die hard Internet Explorer 7 fan who refuse adjust with any other browser, then you should check out IE7Pro addon for Internet Explorer 7. It adds many features which are otherwise available only as Firefox Extensions:

* Enhance Internet Explorer’s Tabbed Browsing Capabilities
* AD Blocker
* Super Drag and Drop
* Mouse Gesture
* Crash Recovery
* Save Page to Image
* Quick Proxy Switcher
* Greasemonkey alike User Script

After reading about this addon at Download Squad, I was tempted to download Internet Explorer 7 and try this out. It tried few User Scripts which came along IE7Pro. You can also perform quick search by typing search keyword followed by the search query in the address bar, this is nothing new for Firefox or Opera users, but Microsoft never really bothered to add this feature by default.

E7Pro is also accompanied with plugins like Accu Weather, Alexa/Google Pagerank (shows Alexa Rank and Google Pagerank, comes from SearchStatus of FireFox) and Server Info.

Overall, it’s a must have addon for any Internet Explorer 7 users.

Download IE 7 Pro