You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie.,
Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle

1) Activate Airtel Live! ( It’s FREE so no probs)

2) Create TWO Airtel gprs data accounts (yep TWO) and select the
FIRST as the active profile.

3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for
your mobile’s modem.

4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION
WIZARD as follows

Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem
ISP Name : Airtel (or anything you like)
Phone Number : *99***2#
Username and Password : blank

5) Configure your browser and download manager to use the proxy and port 8080.( My advice is to use Opera since you
can browse both wap and regular websites)

6) Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2
kbps (but remember, that is a bad joke).

7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site. You will get “Access
Denied…”(except for Airtel Live!). IT DOES NOT MATTER.
Keep the mobile down.

8 ) On the PC ( or Laptop) open your browser, enter any address ,
press ENTER and…….WAIT

9) After a few seconds the page will start to load and you have the
WHOLE internet at your disposal. ***************************************************************************************************************




USERNAME : blank

PASSWORD : blank








INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both worked for me)



PORT : 8080



No Risk Here, Try it and Enjoy


For All Airtel Users

1. Airtel live (available 4 free)
2. Nokia series60 handset e.g. 6600,6630,n series,7610,6670 etc
3. Opera wap browser 4 mobile

1. Go to your connection settings and make a new internet profile using the default settings of airtel live. name that new profile as anything (for e.g. masala); change the home page of that profile to anything u like for e.g.

2. Go to your Opera browser and set the default connection as AIRTEL LIVE. this is the original settings u received thru airtel.

3. Go to the services (in N6600) and Web (N6630) and change the default profile for connection as masala (newer one).

**Note: always make sure that your access point is


1. Open Opera and u will see that homepage of Airtel Live is opened. Minimize the application.

2. Now open web using the duplicate Profile and u will see that two Gprs connections will work simultaneously and at the web or the services page it will show "Unable to connect" or any error. well that's the signal of your success.

3. Simply go on the Opera with web on and open any site u want for free. No Charges No nothing.

U can also use it through your computer..........

BSNL hack for Internet
Free Gprs in bsnl

here are the steps to perform:-

Logic: the server has a major bug in it, by which it fails to block two simultaneous connections from the phone and establishes a connection with full internet working,

Supported devices: all phones with multi channel Gprs support

For connection on your mobile phone:-

1) Make two connections like bsnlportal and BSNLPORTAL1

(names of profile don’t matter, u can keep one as billgates and shahrukhkhan lol..the basic purpose of names is to enable the user to differentiate between the two accounts,)

2) Select the application you got to have the full connection working on.
Surpassingly “web” now just select “bsnlportal” profile and select a link like the page will get open, just press the red button such that the “web” application goes in the background.
Make sure that the gprs connection is still established with the web app. Two parallel lines on the top left of the screen will confirm this

3) Now open any other app that requires web connection like opera. Select BSNLPORTAL and open any other link like, u will get error –

the aim of using the other app is to perform multi-channel gprs,
this is verified by seeing some dots on the pre-existing connection established by “web”

(step 2)

“Access denied.

Technical description:
403 Forbidden - You are not allowed to communicate with the requested resource.”

4) close opera and open web and open a site like

5) if everything is done as said here then esato will load and voila! We have the whole internet!

For connection on pc.

1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1#

2) enter the following string as extra initialization command

3)now dial from pc, the connection will be established

4)pick the phone and open “web” open “” the phone shows error .

5) close “web” and then from the browser open
and voila! The whole intenet is here

settings for profiles

apn: celloneportal
port : 8080

leave other fields blank as they are of the least concern!

the browser settings on pc too go the same as mentioned above!


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    i am a nigherian and which to hack my cellular providers gprs for free browsing and i cannot do it. My cellular provider is MTN NIIGERIA i can browse for paid browsing and they cut my money heavily. please how do i help myself so that i can browse fee