Windows Hacking FAQ

How do I hack Twisted Evil
There is no easy way how to hack. Google is your best friend.. REMEMBER THAT! Read any information you can find on hacking. Read hacking forums and check out hacking websites. Learn a programming language like C++. Get a book like Hacking for Dummies which will teach you alot.

What do I need to be able to hack Question
Firstly you need to understand how your computers operating system works, networks and protocols works, security settings and general PC knowledge. After you understand how it works you need hacking tools which helps you to hack.

What is command prompt (cmd- the little dos Windows) Question
Go START, RUN and type in: "cmd"

What can I do in cmd Question
You can can do various things with it like run exploits or do a ping request.

Why does some of the hacking tools I download just close itself when I open them Question
Lot's of hacking tools are DOS based and has to be run through CMD. If you double click on the program it will open a DOS box and automaticly close the box. From CMD you can navigate to the directory which your hacking tool is stored in and run it from there. Other hacking tools are GUI ( graphical user interface ) based and it will open like a normal Windows based program.

What is a IP address Question
Every computer connected to the Internet or some network has a IP address. Goto START, RUN and type in "cmd" then type in "ipconfig" it will show you your IP adress or adresses. It will look something like this : IP = internet protocol.

How do I find someone's IP adress Question
Look further down in this tutorial and use IPSTEALER

What can I do with a IP Question
Well you need someone's IP before you can hack, portscan or DOS them.

What is IP ping Question
It's a command you can use to check if someone's IP address is online, to check it they connected to the Internet or a network. In command prompt type in "ping" - this will show you something like this :

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

That means you can succesfully PING IP which means the IP is online. If you get a message "request timed out" it means the IP is not online.

Bytes=32 is the ammount of data which was sent to the host.

Time<1ms is the time the host took to reply.

Why can't I ping a certain IP Question
Either the IP is not online/ in use or the person your trying to ping is running a firewall which blocks ping requests or maybe your firewall is blocking outgoing ping requests

What is IP Question
It is your PC's local loopback IP address.

Why do I have two IP addresses when I do a ipconfig Question
Well if your on a local LAN (Local area network) you will have a IP like If your also directly connected to the internet you will have another IP address like is your local IP which you use to comunicate with your local internet network (lan) and is your internet IP.

What is a static and dynamic IP address Question
Static means permanent set IP address - like a website will have a static IP address, it never changes. Dynamic means temporary IP address - dailing up to the Internet with a modem or most ADSL connections has dynamic IP's. Everytime you logon to the Internet your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) will issue you a new IP address.

I have sent someone a trojan but I cannot connect to their PC Evil or Very Mad
Either they are running a firewall which blocks you from connecting to their PC, or they are connected to the internet through a router.

What do I do when someone is behind a router and I want to control their PC with a trojan Question
You will need to use a trojan which uses reverse connections - meaning you don't connect to the host, the host connects to you. Bifrost is a trojan which has the mentioned function. Remember when someone is behind a router and your using IPstealer to get hold of their IP address, you are actually getting their routers IP, not their actual PC's IP. The router will have the persons internet IP (WAN IP) and their PC will have a difirent IP - their LAN IP.

How do I check if my own PC is infected with a trojan Confused
Do a port scan on your PC and check which ports are open. If you find any open ports in this trojan port list you might be infected with a trojan. Download the trojan you think you might be infected with and connect to that specified port.

What is a router Question
A device which is used to route data on a network. a Router decides where certain traffic should be sent to.

What is a firewall Question
Its a software or hardware device which can block or permit certain ports or IP's or certain kinds of data.

What is a port and what can I do with it Question
Every program running on your PC which has some network function uses a specific port to send an receive data though. If you do a port scan you will see which ports are open on the host you scanned. Port 80 is normally a web server. Port 21 a FTP server ect ect.. Trojans also uses ports. Check this list of trojan ports, if you find an open port in this list, the host might be infected with a trojan, download the trojan and try connecting to the port.

How do I do a port scan Question
You need a program like superscan to do a portscan. Then all you do is add the ip you want to scan.

Why do you want to scan ports Question
If you scan a PC with a port scanner, it will show you which programs or services are running on the PC.

Common ports:
Ping : 7
Systat : 11
Time : 13
NetStat : 15
SSH : 22
Telnet : 23
SMTP : 25
Whois : 43
Finger : 79
HTTP : 80
POP : 110

What is a exploit Question
It's a poorly coded piece in software which you can use to gain access to the system. There is many exploits available for the various MS Windows's out there.

How do I use a exploit Question
You first need to compile the exploit with a program like Bloodshed C++ compiler. Then you can start the exploit through command prompt and see if the system your trying to exploit is vulnerable to that specific exploit. Scroll down for more information about exploits.

What is a exploit POC Question
POC stands for proof of concept and it the proof that a exploit works.

What is a DOS attack Question
It is when too much data is being sent to a host and it cannot handle all the data and disconnects from the Internet.

How do I see what connections is currently made to my PC Confused
In cmd type in "netstat" - it will show you IP addresses of connections to your PC and what port it is using.

What is a MAC address Question
Its a hard coded number, almost like a name which is embedded into a network card. It identifies the manufacturer of the card and a unique number for the card. No two network cards in the world has the same MAC address.

How do I find out my own or someone else's MAC address Twisted Evil
Your own MAC = Goto cmd and type in "ipconfig /all"

MAC address looks something like this : 00-13-20-A3-0B-4C

Someone else's MAC address you need their IP address and then goto cmd and type in "nbtstat -a" or whatever IP they use. This will show you their MAC address as well as their currently logged on user.

What is a Windows Registry and how do I access it Question
Its where Windows stores most of the configurations of your operating system and most programs installed. You might used it to make a trojan server file you uploaded to the PC run automaticly when Windows starts up. To access the registry go START, RUN and type in "regedit"

Carefull what you change in the registry, it might screw up you PC.. First make a backup of the registry.

How do I hack a webpage/ web server Question
Read the IIS hacking tutorial in the MISC download section on Windows Hacker .... ***will be posted very soon*** . Remember not all webservers run IIS Exclamation

What is IIS Question
It is Microsoft's web server. IIS - Internet information server. Most webservers run on port 80.

How do I check if a website is running on IIS Twisted Evil
Telnet to the website URL through CMD - "telnet 80"

What is telnet Question
Program which can be used to connect to remote computers or routers and to run commands by simply typing them in its window.

How do I hack into a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account Question
Every now and then someone discovers a way to get into those email servers, but the service provider fixes the security hole so fast, there is no straight answer for that. Best way is to install a keylogger on the victims PC and get their login details. Otherwise download program which you can use to brute force a hotmail account.

How do I hack into a POP3 email account Question
Hydra 5.3 is a program which you can use to crack POP3 accounts. You will need a wordlist which Hydra will use to crack the POP3 password.

What is a keylogger Question
It is a program you install on someone's PC which captures every key that is pressed on their keyboard which is emailed to you or stored into a file.

How do I get the administrator account password while logged in to the PC Twisted Evil
Locally run a program like Adminhack for local administrator account cracking. If you need to do it remotely run a program like Venom or Starbrute.

What is a SAM file Question
SAM file is the file which stores all the user accounts and their password hashes like the Administrator account. SAM file is stored in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config" but it is locked and inaccessable while you are busy using Windows - meaning you can't copy it while your in Windows. You need to boot up with another operating system like NTFSDOS or Linux with NTFS support. When you copied the SAM file you can crack the passwords stored in the SAM file with a program like LC5. With Pwdump6 it is possible to get access to the SAM file while logged into windows. It can also connect to a remote PC and grab the password hashes from the SAM file. Administrator account is needed.

How do I reset a administrator or some other account password on Win2K/WinXP/WinNT/Win2003 Evil or Very Mad
Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor which you can use to create a bootup disk or CD and then boot up the PC and then you can reset the password. Just remember that this program will not show you the password, you can only change the password.

How do I crack a administrator password Twisted Evil
If you need to crack a administrator password you will need to copy the SAM file to another machine and crack it. Download this NTXP-Cracker program which has included everything you need to boot up the PC, copy the SAM file and crack the SAM file on another machine.

How do I find out what operating system does my target run Twisted Evil
Download Detect and use it against your targets IP address.
[*] XP/2K OS Detector [*]
[*] by: illwill & phr0stic [*]

[+] Finding Host
[+] Connected to
[+] Bytes Sent: 222
[?] The box seems to be Windows XP

Have FUN!


  1. Anonymous // October 24, 2008 at 4:10 AM  

    No offence but your script kiddie hacking method was quite lame.

    This is not hacking but script kiddie behavior. Which is quite old

    You explained absolutely nothing.
    As for ip address hacking ? WTF you expect a complete noob to scan someones ports, and be able to hack them. That's ridiculuous. One would first have to know and be a great coder, and code or find a powerful exploit, and inject it into them. Which takes experts to do that.

    And those Hacking tools that are DOS based are known as binary files. You didn't even explain how to run them.

    You dun learn general knowledge, that is a script kiddie, and you dun find other hacking tools, you code them yourself.

    You didn't explain anything regarding ''what can one do with cmd'' That is the disk operating system, and you can run any commands interacting with your O/S

    Firewalls don't block out ports or ip's. But restricts TRAFFIC, Which is safe zone and which isn't. They dun block, but filters packets. Based on there rules and policies.

    Look up''process injection'' to bypass them.

    An exploit is not a code to gain access to a system. What kind of SHIT is that ? a Exploit is a code written to take advantage of a flaw, a glitch, a hole, within a sequence of programs. Like a web server. It is just flaw.

    Now Shellcodes are written to create a like portal between a web servers directory's files, etc... and the remote attacker

    Technically DoS is based on taking exploiting protocols. It is not just the data that is being sent to the host, but the resources of the server, sending a loads of data back to the remote attacker, that denies access. Like Syn Floods which is a method of sending syn packets without sending the ACK in return, so the system keeps sending its data, using up to many system resources.

    Brute Forcing a hotmail account or yahoo is otherly retarded. Use cookie stealing methods. embeded with javascript tags, and log into there account, or phish out there account, which has to do with uploading three files to a web hoster, and imatating a login page. The HTML templates represents the visual aspects of the fake login page. the .php login file handles the processing of functions. sending the values that the USER has type to a notepad.txt file.

    And... easiest way of access someones computer is a trojan. A script running on a USERS PC and listens, and opens certain ports, and connects with a remote client a remote computer ''ATTACKER'' and the remote attacker can gain control of a USERS computer.

    But one would have to make a server Undetectable against ANTI VIRUSES. knowing ASM WOULD HELP which is a assembly language. And learning how to encrypt the value of the file, changing its operating functions, and values, tricking the AV

    One day if you wanna real hack... go here....

  2. Anonymous // October 26, 2008 at 10:06 AM  

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    you have copied all this from

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